The team have been here 4 days now, and today we put the boat in the water for the first time. This has really been a battle against the odds. 2 weeks ago it was looking like there would be no team Invictus at all. but between the team we are all but racing. The team supported by Paul Larson and Helena Darvelid from Sailrocket have been working flat out for the last 2 weeks are some unfortunate set backs in the technical program, I only got involved with the build project once the boat and wing arrived here in cornwall, so here is what i have experienced.

On arrival in Mylor it was clear that we had a mountain to climb, while that large parts of the wing we assembled, all of the intricate and detailed areas hadn't even been started. Ares one organisation we set up shop in one of the barns behind my house, and began work. since then we have been in the barn all day everyday, and for some of the team most of the night as well. I have been involved with many areas of the project, and it has been great to feel this involved in a campaign. It really was special for me and everyone when the boat hit the water today.

There were times during the few days when it did seem to much, but i have to say the continued enthusiasm of Paul and Helena really has been inspirational and kept both me and the rest of the team going. Today was the reward for all the work.

We now have a fully rigged boat, there are a few small adjustments we need to make from today, but tomorrow will be our first "Proper" sail. I am sailing with an old friend and good catamaran sailor Cedric Bader, we are both very excited to finally get out and sail her. Invictus is coming!