It has been an eventful couple of days, and ultimately has taken me since Sunday lunch time to get to here, Sceveningen in Holland. Everything was going so smoothly, I had driven from home to Exeter in the car, met my father there where I transferred into the windsport van, swapped trailers and continued on to Weymouth, where I dropped the first trailer, met and gave Paul the windsport van, and then jumped in the Rya van, hooked up the big trailer with 3 Nacras in it and continued again up to Johns house in Southampton.

after a 5 o'clock alarm myself, John and Pip left Southampton in order to catch our morning ferry from Dover. It was then when I realised, Passport! I knew exactly where it was and it was in the wrong place! At home. A quick plan was needed, and we hatch a plan, Lucy who was an hour behind would meet us at the fleet motorway services, she would carry on in the van, and John would take her car and rib. I mean while would spend most of the morning chilling at the services and await collection from my sister who lives in Guildford.

After a slightly tense phone call home I organised to get the passport mail to me at my sisters house, to arrive the following day. So I had a bit of time to kill, fortunately the tennis provided some great entertainment, and it was also a good opportunity to catch up with my sis who I don't see a lot.

On my second day in Guildford, the passport arrived mid morning but just in case it wasn't on time I had booked a later flight. Katy went off to work and caught up on some admin stuff, then after a quick walk, train and coach ride I made it to Heathrow. I checked in only to find my flight was the delayed, Life really didn't want me to get to holland. Later than planned I boarded my flight to Rotterdam and finally felt I was heading in the right direction.

Lucy kindly came and collected me from the airport and took me back to our Holland accommodation, I think that was a good move because given my form recently any more public transport would end in disaster!

Tomorrow we are out training in Scheveningen, which is our worlds venue at the end of the month. We have a weeks training now then a short rest at home and then back out for another weeks training followed by the world championships.

Stay tuned for updates on the training. Things can only get better surely!