I am now back out in holland for the final preparations before our world championships. We have spent the last few days out on the water doing some speed work and yesterday we managed to get the boat through measurement, so we are now all set. 

The training has been going really well, we feel especially fast in the lighter winds, which look to be forecasted for the event. But we have also made some good steps in the breezy stuff too. While I don't we we will ever feel fully prepared for this, Lucy and I have really been putting in the hours recently, normally first on the water and last off! 

A few days ago, we got stuck in the beach break just in front of the club, and slapped our pole in the surf. But that is all fixed now and we are desperate to start racing. 

The practice race is tomorrow, I think we have 67 boats which will be the biggest fleet yet by some way. And real racing starts on Monday. Full results and Live tracing can be found on http://www.nacra17class.com/worldhome/ but I will be writing daily update on here as well.

Check back tomorrow to see how the practice race goes.