Last night I hosted an evening at Cafe Mylor, where I invited people along to try and build support for the campaign within the local community.  It was great evening and I met some fantastic new people along with some of the old faces, all of which were so enthusiastic about the path i'm on. It really was quite powerful to hear the support and appreciation for the task at hand! 

The Night was finished off with some great music, and some not so great dance moves, I think i should stick to the sailing for now! 

This Morning i awoke to a gorgeous day , spent the morning de-rigging the boat and loading it, and now i am back in sunny Weymouth. Lucy meet me here to put the boat together and now we are all preped for a week of training leading into sail for gold regatta the following week.

After a long day of breaking boats down and building them back up, It was very nice to arrive back at our accommodation and see a perfect sunset over Chesil beach.