Today is our first full day in Medemblik, over the last weekend myself and some of the squad have been sailing from Nacra HQ in Scheveningen, another town near holland. We were invited over to test out the new prototype cabon mast and give Nacra our feedback. All in all the new mast we a lot better, the boat felt a lot lighter and sensitive on the water, there were a few small issue which we raised and Nacra said they would take them all on board.

After a relitivly quick drive from Scheveningen yesterday we arrived here in Medemblik at about 16.30. We used the rest of the day to find our accommodation, and I just managed to give the hulls a good polish. After a good nights sleep, I am now just up, having some breakfast and about to head down to the boat park to start rigging. Lucy is away match racing at the minute but is joining me tomorrow.

I will get some pictures of the set up and get them up on here ASAP. Racing starts on Tuesday so hopefully we should get out for a shake down sail before hand!

Check back for updates soon!