Today was the first day of final racing, and that means with the new ISAF results system the scores are pretty much reset. So it was all to play for.

Unfortunately race 1 was messy, the wind was all over the place and so were we. A dodgy start line meant we pretty much had to tack to cross it but a bad tack put us in a position where had to sail whole first leg in dirty air, and in trying to avoid this we ened up on the wrong side of the beat. 3rd from last at the windward mark. we knuckled down and sailed a better second lap pulling the result back to 17th.


Race 2 was a little better but still struggling to get off the line we had another compromised lane on the first upwind. However our downwind speed seemed really good, and we overtook boats all the way round the course eventually scoring an 11th.

The final race finally everything started falling into place. We had a clean0ish) start and sailed our own race. When you are at the sharp end of the fleet you are able to sail the boat how you like. We could sail lower faster angles upwind and had nice clean lanes back down. We had a great race at the front of the fleet and ended the race in 3rd! our best result yet.

Today is another day of finals racing, and then provided we are in the top 10 the medal racing is tomorrow.

Check back to see if we made it into the medal races.