Today was not our day, it was a strange day from the start, with a big breeze forecast we arrived at the boat park expecting a big sea and full on conditions, as it was there was no wind at all, and we were actually postponed ashore. The conditions presented a very odd feeling, knowing that we were expecting lots of wind and having none. The breeze soon started to fill in across the bay and we were quickly launched.

Race 1, was hard, after struggling to get off the line, we were forced over to the right hand side of the track. This was not the place to be. Unfortunately it didn't seem like we could rely on out speed in that race either, and we battled with the pack all the way round. The race was topped off when Lucy just missed her trapeze hook on the final beat and fell in snapping the tiller. We were force to single wire for the remaineder of the beat, which was definitely not fast.

Race 2 went from bad to worse, where after another tricky start we found our selves on the wrong side of the race course. And then at the first leeward mark in dropping the spinnaker one of the patches pulled straight off, this meant we were in able to drop the kite and were force to retire from the race. We spent the final break replacing the broken kite.

Race 3 didn't get much better, after a better start we unfortunately found ourselves stuck to windward of a boat point really high, and we couldn't bear away to get going. Before we knew it we had been rolled and then again we found ourselves on the wrong side of the course. After a really deep first mark position we fought back a bit, but it was all too late and we ended with another poor result

So the day was not a good one, we have now slipped to 12th overall, hopefully we can pull back a bit tomorrow to sneak into the medal race on Saturday.