Yesterday after a long couple few days traveling I eventually arrived in the south of France, Hyeres. It was great that my little sister agreed to keep me company on the long drive, which was made even longer when we were told that the ferry was going to Valencia rather than Barcelona! We arrived yesterday evening so we spent the rest of the daylight hours putting the boat together and after a few teething problems we had most of the work done. Then it was time for sleep!

Day 2 in Hyeres started with a 9.30 meet at the boats and another hour or so finishing up the rigging process. We used the rest of the day to get on the water and check that everything was working properly and to have a bit of a tune up. The conditions were crazy, the breeze was shifting and changing all over the place but in the short bit when it was settled the speed felt good and everything in the boat was working well.

Back at the team house now, plan is for a BBQ this evening, and then another early night I think. Tomorrow looks really windy at the minute so I'm not sure we will be able to get on the water. Just wait and see in the morning!

Practice race is on Sunday and the event starts on the Monday, can't wait to get out racing again.