Sorry for the slight delay, the internet is a little ropey over here and I wasn't able to update the website yesterday. Anyway this is what was supposed to have been posted.

Today was the first day that Lucy and I raced a Nacra 17 in anger, Well not complete anger, it was only the practice race. After a steady morning rigging and checking the boat we launched in a nice breeze and eventually found our way to the start boat. Our start was setting up to be pretty nice but as it started to get a bit hectic and close, we decided to stay on the conservative side and just avoid and damage. This unfortunately lead to a slight less than desired start but we managed to sail a pretty clean 1st beat and rounded the windward mark in about 10th, and from there we stayed . The speed felt pretty good generally and I think given a better start there is no reason we can't be higher up the rankings.

Its now the first day of proper racing, the wind is very strong and it has been raining! not standard Palma conditions!

Check back later to see how Day 1 of our 4 year campaign goes!