I am now back out in Spain, Lucy and I flew over on friday and had our first day on the water yesterday. Its nice to back out here, and now we have a few other boats to sail against as 2 more teams have joined us. We are here for a 2 week stint, where for the first week we are working as a squad and then the second week is a full team camp.

Evening Spinnaker Coating

Evening Spinnaker Coating

Yesterday the breeze was up, but blowing off the shore creating some really shifty challenging conditions , There were only 2 boats out and illness had meant one of the teams had to stay on the shore. We are working with a new coach during this camp, Rob Wilson who i sailed against when I was tornado sailing will be heading up the squad. For Lucy and I who had only just arrived, we used yesterday a very much a 'get back into it' day. And by the lunchtime we had just about remembered what a Nacra 17 was! The afternoon session was great the wind was fairly strong, and for the first time we did some short course racing. Under pressure most of our boat handling skills seems fair tight, but Rob provided some great input on how to smooth things up.

Back out on the water today, the forecast is a little lighter but we will see. Stay tuned for further updates and information. Oh and for those at the youth AC, I am very jealous! 8 days to old! Who wrote those rules!