Today was the penultimate day for me and lucy this camp, the sun was shining and the breeze was up at about 15kts - perfect sailing weather. We set out for an early launch to fit two sessions in.

Session 1, was sweet! Again we spend much of the time working on our downwind routine with the new double trapezeing technique. We managed to smooth the gybing  process up a lot and actually go the maneuver pretty nailed! That said it was only 15kts and relatively flat water! After a few long runs up and down focusing on the boat handling we returned to the shore for lunch.

Session 2, not so sweet! With similar conditions we decided to consolidate the morning work with a quick run downwind. Unfortunately as we powered up out of one gybe the leward board snapped again. So for the second time this week we limped back to the beach. Unfortunately it was another port board that snapped, so that make spares a little more tricky.

Some Broken Boards

Don't worry, I didn't actually throw them away, i just thought it added to the effect!!!

Tomorrow is the last planned day of sailing, but if the wind is strong we may need to go easy and not risk any more boards. Check back to see if there is anymore carnage!