This is a quick update as i have a full report in the pipeline. Firstly sorry for the lack of updates during the regatta, internet was a bit tricky to come by. But the good news is Myself and Nikki are now dart 18 world champs, there was a big range of conditions so the racing was pretty varied. I will give you the full low down when I update the full report.

From here Nikki has decided that she is better suited sailing with the youth helm she has sailed with in the past. Therefore in the coming weeks i have lined up some training with other crews to see how it works.

Dont worry I am still 100% committed to the 2016 campaign, and after a summer like this (national, european and world titles) I have made a pretty good start.

Check back soon for a full worlds report, and to see how the up and coming training goes!




AuthorTom Phipps