Penultimate day of the regatta, The wind was a little later but eventually filled in across the race course by 13.30. Race 1 was started in a perfect breeze, everyone was double trapeezing upwind and most wiring downwind too. We had a great start right at the committee boat end as we wanted to tack off early favouring the right hand side. It wasn't as favoured as we first though but a perfect layline call saw us first around the windward mark. For the rest of the race we covered and extended and secured another win. 

In race 2 the wind was... interesting. It seemed to be shifting to the right but filling from the left. So did you go for the shift or the additional pressure? Initially we went for the shift and rounded mark 1 in 5th, but learning from that we went straight for the pressure on the second lap and sailed into 1st. On the final lap the breeze really dropped, the fleet closed up and while we tried to cover the bunch we let a few boats past eventually finishing 4th.

Not a bad day considering the flukey conditions in race 2. Still leading overall and have extended our lead slightly. Hoping for more consistant breeze tomorrow to finish the regatta off.



AuthorTom Phipps