Nikki and I arrived yesterday evening at Gravedona, Lake Como, Italy, host of this years formula 16 European championships. After a very long drive from Cornwall, we had a quick bite to eat before heading off to sleep. Today began with nikki leading the way and going for a run, while i prepared a breakfast of the highest quality (Wheatabix) Following that nikki and I began rigging the boat and preparing it for measurement. This afternoon the breeze filled in and we took the opportunity to get out on the water, it was great sailing in such a warm climate and with such awesome scenary. Speed seemed good when we go the chance to briefly line up with some other boats. More sailing tomorrow and Sunday but i think we may need to make sure were about to watch Ben in his medal race show down!

Check back to find out how the rest of the build up goes, racing starts on Monday.


AuthorTom Phipps