The day began as usual, a light northerly wind as we woke up that gradually died out. We got the boat down to the slip early, and rigged up with the boat pointing south, waiting for the normal lake breeze to kick in at about 12.00. 

Because of our consistent results to date, Nikki and I only needed one good result to seal the deal, But for us it was still far from over. As we launched just after 12 the breeze kicked in, and kicked in properly! When arrived the race course the breeze was probably averaging between 16 and 20kts. Turns on the diamonds i think!

In the first race we decided to go for a conservative start, as we were sure our speed would keep us in touch with the leading bunch. And another great lay line call saw us round the first mark in 5th position. We were on a rocket ship down wind and sailed into 4th. But i got a bit greedy and tried to sneak inside a boat at the bottom gate and it was touch and go if we had water. So we decided to take the penalty to be safe. Back to 5th again, but we were on a mission now. Nikki did a great job trimming upwind and we got back to 4th by the windward mark. and the final downwind we were unstoppable, 4th to 2nd and then we finished. 

That was it, we had done it. But racing for the day wasn't over yet!

So the pressure was off, but naturally i still wanted to win! Learning from race 1 it was definitely  a right handed track. A great start at the committee boat allowed us to tack straight for the favoured side. We rounded mark 1 in 2nd but again utilising our great downwind speed sailing into 1st place. We then controlled the race from there, another bullet in race 2!

With the day drawing to and end and tired arms, a big pack down and a long drive ahead of us. We decided to retire early to beat the bun fight on the slip way and the boat park madness. 

It was great be back on land everyone was very complementary. Prize giving was set in front of the very stunning mountains. And i wasn't quick enough off the podium and before i knew it i was grabbed and in the lake! Nikki was quicker and got away with it!

So there we have it, F16 Euro Champs. Hoping that the result sends out a few messages about intensions and potentials for the coming 2016 Olympic campaign. 

Next regatta for Nikki and I is the dart 18 world at the beginning of september. 

Keep check for updates and build up to the worlds, 

Thanks for the support! 


AuthorTom Phipps