Sorry it has been so long, Alot has been happening but i wanted to make sure it was all confirmed before letting everyone know. So here it goes.....

When I last posted i was back in Weymouth for a few more day training. During that session i sailed with Lucy Macgregor. Lucy attended this years games in the now obsolete girls match racing discipline. We had a great few days sailing and off the back of it decided that we would make a go of the 2016 catamaran campaign. 

This is great news as it now means I can relax and focus on the task in hand. Since agreeing to make a go of the campaign, we have been doing allot of training and lucy is getting on really well with the new boat. Due to the size and physical demands of the new boat, lucy and i have also decided that it should be her driving the boat while i provide the horsepower in the crewing position. 

This is obviously a big change from what i have been doing, but i am happy to do so, provided i manage to keep my helming skills up in other classes such as the F18. 

Also since the last update i have found the time for some time out, I took a trip down to spain, where i relaxed and also got some time doing other sport i enjoy doing, wakeboarding.

The last few day i have been back in weymouth training again. Lucy is away, so i have been sailing with a friend from university, Charle Willett. We we sailing alongside John and Pip in there viper and seemed to be pretty on pace upwind, with a bit of work for downwind.

Home for the weekend and back to weymouth again on monday for another week on the water. 

Check back for updates soon


AuthorTom Phipps