Yesterday i went up to Hamble to meet the boys for our final UK training session. We all arrived to find a light breeze but alot of fog! As we cruised out to the solent there was weird pirate of the Caribbean feeling to it! There is somthing quite disconcerting about floating around in an 8m eter boat while the are 12000 tonne ships blasting sound signals through the fog at you! Any way we manage to avoid being run down and the fog soon cleared, leaving a perfect training day for us. We spent along time going through routines working out who does what in every situation. After then spending a bit of time on pre start it was time for us to get in to catch the tide for a lift out. Paul Haze who has very kindly lent us the boat helped us with the lift out, and then is was just a matter of preparing everything for the long trip out to Denmark. I think we all managed to catch bit of sun that evening packing the boat up, and we finished up with a debrief over dinner and drinks. So a very productive day for the team, we now have a huge list of bit we need to remember for the trip on Thursday!

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AuthorTom Phipps