Sorry is a few days late, things were a little hectic in the days after the event but here it goes. As you know it was all to play for, there was very little wind and the race committee needed to get 2 races in. With the tide pushing the fleet over the line it wasn't long before we were starting under a black flag. We did a great job of tacking in under the bunch with about 30 seconds to go and made a great start. Unfortunately due to our lack of experience in the light winds our boat speed wasnt as good as in previous day. we were force to tack and over to the wrong side of the course. Because of the lack of winds the committee were force to shorten the course to just 1 lap. This meant we didnt have time to make back up as many places as we wanted. we finished 11th but in front of the two boats near us in the overall results. So we were still there or thereabouts. Unfortunately the final race of our series was an absolute shocker. After starting with the good guys we were squeezed out off the line and struggled to find a lane upwind. Another 1 lap race didnt leave enough time. The bad result sealed the regatta. Eventually we ended up in 6th overall not a bad result but i think we were all a bit disanointed. Still, i have next year which will be my last year so i will be back to try and take Plymouth to the top step of the podium again!



AuthorTom Phipps