Today was the first day of the student yacht racing nationals. After arriving last night the team woke up early for the trip out to the race course. During an initial practice race we worked hard on getting the boat set up correctly and finding our pace. Since this was the first time we had been sailing in the boats it took us while to get fully up to speed, but by the start of the first real race we were ready. The first beat went completely to plan, and we had great boat speed. After leading around the windward mark, it was just a matter of covering the fleet for the rest of the race and we sail our selves into a well deserved 1st place! The second race was a much closer affair and the was much more changing of places. After some good and some not so good decisions we end up in 3rd across the line. So overall a great start to the regatta! Currently we are leading overall but very closely followed by a lot of boats! Check back soon to find out how it goes tomorrow!

AuthorTom Phipps