Well summer holidays are over now, had an amazing time campaigning the J80 with the boys. Learned more than i ever thought i would. For more info on our J80 expeditions see http://gbrj80.squarespace.com/. Since there was no movement on the tornado front i have chosen to continue my studies here at Plymouth in Marine/Composites Technology. I will hopefully be heavily involved in the university's keel boat programme again, but am looking to also re launch an attack at the F18 fleet. I am trying to build up some funding at the moment to help me do this. I have been out the loop for a year now, and this has provided me with more motivation to get back into it and do well.

Thanks for your support through this tricky time in my sailing carrier, if you feel you can help in anyway please get in touch.

Thanks all!

AuthorTom Phipps