Tom could be described as a catamaran thoroughbred, After a very short spell in the optimist Tom's thirst for speed quickly moved him into multihulls. From the age of 10 Tom has been ripping around on catamarans and has an undoubtable  feel for the class. Having dominated at a youth level attending the ISAF youth worlds 3 times and securing 2 gold and a silver medal, tom was fast tracked into the Olympic tornado. In the build up to the 2012 cycle the rug was pulled from beneath his feet when ISAF decided to not include a catamaran in the London games. Tom used the opportunity to attend university and graduated with a first class degree in Marine Engineering. Having graduated and with the reintroduction of the Olympic multihull, it does seem like the stars are aligning for Tom as he recommences his journey to the Olympic dream. 

Combining with crew Nicola Boniface, the team have an unrivalled catamaran experience in the GBR multihull squad. Nikki and Tom are one of the youngest teams but despite their youth are already extremely competitive. There is no doubt that as a team the duo have a huge amount of potential, through time and hard work Nikki and Tom plan to make the olympic dream a reality. For team website click here