After such a hectic start to the year, the last month has been quite different. Since returning from Hyeres where unfortunately Nikki hurt herself, we have been forced to busy ourselves in other ways to sailing. 

Nik has been pretty solidly based in weymouth working closely with the brilliant team support staff and smashing expectations all over the place. After the initial diagnosis it was looking like we might not be sailing for a long time, but Nikki has been doing an amazing job with the rehab and is progressing really fast. We will be back on the water in no time. 

As for me during the sailing detox, I have been kept more than busy. Mainly based at home in cornwall, I have been working hard with the family business and helping where I can. Being a water-sports business, you can imagine this time of year is particularly busy for us so Mum and Dad were very grateful for the extra help. The weather has been quite stunning and don’t let the parents know but I rather enjoy bumbling around the farm in the sunshine. The pinnacle of my time on the farm was the glorious creation of some raised beds I engineered. Armed with a chain saw, and dodgy tape measure, the Phipps Family Organic Farm has been born. I can do commissions so please get in touch for more details 

On top of helping out at home I also found time to try and help out a few friends with their sailing. A young team from good old kernow are progressing brilliantly with the RYA youth program and I spend a very wild and windy day trying to give them an extra boost on their way up the ranks. I was also fortunate enough to spend some time working with some fellow Nacra 17 teams, only I was in the rib. Its really good to get another perspective on the boats as they sail around.

As if tractor driving, chainsawing and coaching wasn’t enough fun, I have also been up to a fair bit more. It was the time of year again where I time the 4 day beard, don some neoprene and bring out ‘blue steel’. Luckily the day of the shoot was blooming lovely and it was a really fun day working with a local photographer and good friends to get some shots of Typhoons 2016 wetsuit range. As serious as we look in the photos there was a lot of mick taking and laughing between the moments when the shutter was open. Based on the modelling performance during the shoot I suspect the ladies wetsuits will sell far better that mens.

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with some good friends that all to often I am not able to see. Together with some best mates, at home and I was lucky enough to be able to get some glorious surfing and kite surfing sessions in. 

While Nikki is working through her last few bits of rehab, I am lucky enough to be out here in Geneva Switzerland to finally get racing in the Flying Phantom Series. As you may know we haven’t had the best of luck with the phantom thus far so heres to everything going smoothly this time round. Having flown out yesterday I have met Jon, and today we spent the morning fine tuning the boat before getting on the water in the afternoon. There wasn’t loads of wind but enough to remember what it was all about again. Tomorrow we have another training day, and then racing kicks off on Sunday. I really can’t wait to sailing this boat competitively, as with most campaigns i wish we had done a little more training first, however mostly i just glad to be here! more info on the regatta here -

Check back soon for more updates on how the flying is working out. And after that it back to weymouth to see if Nikki can remember what a Nacra looks like!